Massage + Reiki

Duration 60'

In this mixed treatment, the massage applied is the deep relaxing massage. Only that at the end, with the patient face up, a partial imposition of hands is performed: massage + Reiki. In this case and generally, reiki is applied to the upper chakras. Since about 40' of massage and about 20' of Reiki are applied.

Reiki is an energy therapy that, through the imposition of hands, channels universal vital energy in order to activate the self-healing properties that all living beings have, whether physical or emotional. It works by unlocking stagnant energy in the chakras.

The good thing about Reiki after a good massage is that since there are not so many tensions in the body, we can better perceive emotions and energetic sensations. Among other things, subtle. Like being a strong feeling of peace and serenity, of fullness, feeling like laughing, crying. Or perceive that peculiar sensation of contact with the cosmos, or simply a deep relaxation. All these beautiful states are perceived with greater intensity by people who have never before or almost never experienced a meditative or similar state.

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