"Elite" massage: decontracting + deep relaxing + energetic and emotional balancer

Duration 90'

Having received training in traditional decontracting and relaxing massage, Shiatsu, Thai massage, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, sports massage..., over time I have made a selection of techniques and movements of all the varieties mentioned above and I have been merging them with my deep relaxing massage protocol and therapeutic decontracting massage.

After a while, as I felt very comfortable with the type of massage I was doing, and I flowed while doing it, executing the massage became something meditative, a kind of active meditation. It was more meditative if the client/patient was a good receiver and gave himself up to the massage.

Of course, when this happened, that I flowed, the patient too. Added to the warmth of the environment: music, candles, incense, comfort, etc., I noticed that during this experience I was channeling energy through my hands. Increasingly. That is, during the massage the Reiki arose by itself.

And both the patient and I, at the end of the treatment, felt exceptionally well.

The benefits were no longer just physical. Now they were also energetic.

When I became aware of this, I also began to become aware of all my postures and each of my movements in each technique, the degree of pressure I exerted and then my breathing. Obtaining as a result to exert a more adequate pressure, for the necessary time in the precise part of the muscle where the inflammation was located.

On occasions, when people felt stressed and/or with a lot of muscle tension, anxiety, etc., they requested the massage plus Reiki. Which was super effective, and even more so if the energy channeling already began to flow subtly during the massage. So, seeing that it gave people excellent results, I began to offer a longer treatment that included massage plus energy harmonization. I called it “elite massage”.

The 90-minute duration of the elite massage consisted of approximately 60/70 minutes of a combination of deep relaxing massage and therapeutic decontracting massage in a slower and deeper way than usual, to facilitate the flow of energy channeling, and the rest of the 20/30 minutes of Reiki located mainly in the 7 main Chakras of the body.

Over time I discovered that those 90 minutes were necessary for the client and I to connect with ourselves and each other during the treatment, essential for the purpose of therapy.

In this partial Reiki session I perform the imposition of hands on the neck area, on the top of the head, on the ears, on the forehead and eyes, on the throat and generally on the heart area. As you can see, sometimes I treat the area of the solar plexus

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