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To be honest when I started with this I never imagined that it could become my vocation. In fact, I started studying to be a masseuse because there was a Chinese woman doing massages on the beach that I worked in Miami and I was interested in the magical art of massage.

My name is Pablo Oubiña, I am 44 years old. I am Argentine of Italian descent. Argentan!

I have been performing massages for almost 20 years.

I began my studies back from the USA to my country in 2004 and my first practices were participating in the rehabilitation of an elderly man with mobility problems, and I really had my doubts about whether I had chosen the right profession.

But then little by little I began to convince myself that it could be very rewarding and useful to help others. The following year I traveled to Spain, to the Costa del Sol, and it was there that I worked for 7 years and trained in hotels, country clubs, clinics, spas, etc. It was mainly on the site: "Albayt Resort & Spa" in Estepona, Malaga, where I worked continuously for 4 years. There I had most of my training and experience in different types of treatments, therapies, techniques, etc. By then I already had my master's degree in Reiki.

This therapy not only allowed me to help so many people, but also produced a significant change within me. Accompanied by meditation: art that I respect, value and recommend to everyone.

As a Reiki teacher, I initiated a few people, but mainly I dedicated myself to offering and implementing it in massages. Getting many people to try it and experience for themselves what it can cause inside. Different in each one, even if it was only for about 4 or 5 minutes of Reiki in the head at the end of the massage.

Having also received training in Shiatsu, Thai massage, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, sports massage..., over time I have made a selection of techniques and movements from all the varieties mentioned above and I merged them into my relaxing and relaxing massage protocol. relieving massage.

After a while, as I felt very comfortable with the type of massage I was doing, and I flowed while doing it, executing the massage became something meditative, a kind of active meditation. It was more meditative if the client/patient was a good receiver and gave himself up to the massage. From then on my massage improved remarkably.

I must also say that having large hands helps a little in the massage. Also with the passage of time I developed strength in my hand and mainly in my fingers, which I use a lot in most of the techniques. I'm 1.90m tall, although I'm slim, I think height also helps. Since I can dump the weight of my body on my arms and hands to transmit it to the recipient of the massage without the need to apply too much force.

And here I am, in this beautiful city that I fell in love with the second time I visited. And I decided to settle in it. To do the best I know how to do: good massages.

A short time ago I worked in a great and well-known thermal spa lost in the mountains of the Pyrenees, and I had many clients from Catalonia who encouraged me and told me: Pablo, you have to give your massages in Barcelona!! And here I am!! :EITHER)

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Massage and Reiki

Pablo Oubiña

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